Studio Tessin was founded by me as a research-oriented studio on the intersection of architecture, engineering and art.

Graduated as Master of Arts in Architecture with a focus on Computational Design from the Technical University of Munich in Germany, I research and practice architecture in various scales and collaborations with academic institutions and artists.

With a profound interest in biological systems, complexity, digital fabrication and additive manufacturing, within Studio Tessin my work and research aim's to investigate potentials of computational design processes for future-oriented concepts that inseparably form a unity of visual and functional aesthetics.

I am co-founder of 3F Studio, within which we develop performative architecture, using Computational Design and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).

In cunjunction with that, I work on the research project “3D-Printed Functionally Integrated Building Envelopes”, at the Associate Professorship of Architectural Design and Building Envelope at the Technical University of Munich.

I’ve undertaken vast experiences in the field of architecture and have worked as freelancer, architect, teacher, and research assistant for multiple architectural practices and institutions.