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columbarium Schwabach

The columbarium for the gothic city church of Schwabach near Nuremberg is designed as a unique resting place for the beloved and deceased. Amongst eight entries for a design competition in 2017, the design proposal of Empfangshalle and Studio Tessin was granted the 1st prize.

The design proposal was developed based on a concept idea of Empfangshalle and envisions a suspended installation of cell-shaped urn compartments in which the deceased symbolically float in light. While every person has their uniquely shaped compartment, the organic arrangement aims to communicate the bond with their family members and befriended neighbours, resting amongst them.

From the first sketch until the construction planning of the bespoke columbarium, parametric modelling tools allow an interactive design of the cell arrangement. The design process is aided by algorithms and guarantees the fit of the urn dimensions into every cell compartment.

The cells are constructed of 26 mm multilayered oak boards mounted onto a light-coloured metal substructure, precisely planned with 3D laser scanning of the church’s walls, metal laser cutting and CNC milling.

Status: Construction Documents, Completion Summer 2019
Type: Interior
Topic: Bespoke Geometry
Client: Empfangshalle/City Schwabach
Location: St. Johannes and St. Martin Stadtkirche Schwabach near Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany
Size: 7 x 3,5 x 0,4-0,9 m Length/Height/Depth
Production/Material: CNC Milling and Metal Laser Cutting, Multilayer oak board, Metal substructure

Concept proposal

Concept proposal