Smooth Foldings

The initial idea behind this research study was to explore new design ideas by combining old handcraft techniques with parametric design tools.

Smooth Foldings looked into the surface manipulation of a simple industrial reinforcement fabric and resulted in intricate shapes created with the simple use of needle and thread. Through analysis of the sewing techniques geometrical parameters, a script for an intricate surface manipulation tool was developed. Once these parameters are programmed to a parametric design tool, its possible to create far more complex patterns, then one would be able to achieve by hand.

Besides the visual properties for all kinds of surface designs for interior architecture, foldings like these have the potential for performative facade designs.

Status: Completed
Type: Research study
Topic: Envelope/Surface Design
Size: 1 x 2 m
Material: Plastic reinforcement fabric

Regular Pattern

Regular Pattern

Irregular Pattern

Irregular Pattern


Irregular Pattern 1


Irregular Pattern 2


Parametric system